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      This is the main interface of the Make2D-DB II tool to query UCD 2D-PAGE.


This is the web interface to query 'UCD 2D-PAGE' databases

Please take note of the following points -

Data which has been made private prior to publication can be accessed from the link at the bottom of this page. (A password is required to access this data.)

To examine a specific database e.g. Brain, you must first select the database from the Databases list in the left side panel, and then click on one of the three options available under the Maps heading to view details for any individual 2DE reference map.

Where Mass Spectrometry data have been submitted to PRIDE the relevant accession numbers are listed in the Experimental Information view for that map.

Instructions on how to use this interface follow in the text below, or click here for a short movie presentation of the main features in this site.

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Search by
You can perform simple search queries:
  • by accession number: search UCD 2D-PAGE by accession number or by entry name (AC or ID)
  • by description, ID or gene name: search by description (DE), entry name (ID), gene name (GN) or UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot keywords (KW)
  • by author: search authors list by giving an AC or an ID, or list all entries for a given author
  • by spot id / serial number: search by spot ID / serial numbers
  • by identification methods: search by identification methods
  • by pI/Mw range: search for spots located within a pI/Mw range. You can limit your search to a specific map
You can also perform much more complex queries using the 'combined fields' link. This option lets you construct your own query by combining various keywords and boolean operators (SRS-like interface). You can choose the output fields to show and decide to save results as a text file on your own computer.

Several actions can be performed for the maps:
  • 'experimental info' allows you to display experimental information for a given map.
  • 'protein list' allows you to list in a table all the protein entries identified for a given reference map, with related 2-DE information on spot ID, experimental pI and Mw (read from map), mapping procedures, references, etc.. You can export the table in text format to your computer.
  • 'graphical interface' is the viewer for the maps. This viewer lets you navigate graphically and zoom between the different maps. You can display all spots or just show those of particular interest. By dragging your mouse over the different spots, available experimental information will be dynamically displayed.

Databases (or distinct projects)
This interface has been configured to access several databases (distinct projects). You may select one individual database, or select, simultaneously, several databases for your queries. To select more than one database, use the 'Ctrl' button while clicking on the database name.

Query Remote Interfaces
This interface has also been configured to automatically access other similar remote interfaces. You may select one or several interfaces for your queries. Please, note that there are some few limitations on queries with remote interfaces (e.g. the 'graphical interface' does not directly access remote databases).
Note also that, by default, there is at least one selected 'local' database. If you want to exclude 'local' databases from your queries (restricting queries to remote interfaces), turn on the 'Exclude local DBs' box.
Finally, you should be aware that selecting many remote databases simultaneously will cause a slow down of your queries' response.

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